Bumps and Blisters Head Turnaround

Bumps and Blisters is a game that we're working on which features linear Crash Bandicoot style platforming gameplay, with procedural levels from the perspective of the older Zelda games.

Early days, but we've made a start on some character stuff and some basic prototyping which we'll share here.

This is a basic head turn of our lead character, DENIZEN,  that we'll use for the various angles within the character sprites.

Concept art for monster face fellow.

Without giving too much away, one of our Raw Bites films needs a big creepy monster mouth/face, so the director Ben Sutton drew up these delightful and super wholesome sketches. 

As you can see, he took inspirational reference from a number of classic monsters.

The final effect will combine a practical makeup appliance, a CG tongue and some fancy lighting to make it all come together.