LIMIT CITY is a shared world that a number of our projects are set in.

The series features an outrun/80's aesthetic where the neon lights of the city cast dark shadows on the streets below, hiding a world of crime and self mutilation.

LIMIT CITY VENGEANCE - A live-action feature film about the former ruler of the city seeking revenge on his brother, who,  after exiling him and leaving him for dead, returns to kill his wife in cold blood. Status: Scripting.

REGEN - An animated television series set 10 years before the events of Vengeance, where a hard boiled detective finds a bloodied and mutilated girl climbing in the window of his apartment and must delve into the underbelly of the city, where the drug Regen has taken hold. Status: Scripting.

Other potential future projects include a graphic novel and a police case files book.


TOM KNAVISH - Lead character of REGEN TV Series

giphy (3).gif

The process of going from initial sketch to complete vector for the Limit City logo.